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Shop No. 3 Ground Floor Plaza 48 A.R Arcade Business Avenue, Sector F DHA Phase 1, Islamabad

Who We Are
Avenue5 International
We entered the Pakistani Real Estate Market to transform this industry's perception by offering you unrivalled service, transaction clarity, and complete legal protection, which is currently unavailable in Pakistan.

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Avenue5 International, Pakistan’s emerging Real Estate Network, simplifies your Real Estate experience and ensures transparent property transactions.

Buy your dream house at the best price in the prime locations of Bahria Town.
Sell your old house Rapidly and effortlessly with us. We make the process easy for you!
Let us help you make the right decisions regarding renting your property with our Real Estate Expert Agents
We make Real Estate Investment more straightforward for clients by providing unmatched services through Professional Consulting.
If you're looking to buy, sell, rent or invest
We are available

We have more than 10 years of experience and  Customer satisfaction with :


Avenue5 International is a trusted and certified realtor and made the debut as an authorized developer of Bahria Town.


With 10 years of excellence, Avenue5 International is an Authorized Developer of Bahria Town.


Legally preapproved by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan- SECP, Federal Board of Revenue-FBR and Amnesty.


Our remarkable team of Sales Assistance hold an Associate’s Degree and are trained in business and office management.

Chairman Message

Mr. Malik Faizan Tariq

We aim to provide our clients with research-based, cost-effective, more accessible and faster Real Estate Solutions.

Avenue5 International is committed to becoming a sign of luxury for all stakeholders by delivering high-quality projects and developments on time. Its primary function is to create and sustain an unrivalled level of trust and progress in the corporate sector.

I want our firm to stand out from the competition and for our name to be associated with superior concept design, high-quality products, and happy customers.

Our Vision

We entered in the Pakistani Real estate market with the goal of transforming the perception of this industry by offering you with unrivalled service, transaction clarity, and complete legal protection, which is currently unavailable in Pakistan.

Real Estate Services

This is one of many areas of business professional services where our firm is well ahead of the competition.Bin Tariq Group of Companies is catering to its clients, maintaining the largest portfolio of real estate services.

Construction Services

We have prudently manufactured and perfected our construction processes, directed through our commitment to our consumers’ success and the initiative to constantly influence the best practices, gear, and technology available with the best expertise.

Sales Assistance

Our remarkable team of Sales Assistance hold an Associate’s Degree and are trained in business and office management. Providing our firm, the assets like real estate expertise, selling skills, teamwork, good writing abilities, organizational, and computer competences.

Investment Consultants

Our assurance and commitment to provide you with the best services for your best future includes our team of financial professionals that deliver you investment products, the best tailored financial advice, and planning.

Why invest with us

High Potential Returns

Real estate is a good investment since properties’ values often increase over time, and you may generate big profits by renting out the property or selling it for more money in the future. As a real estate company, we help clients locate profitable investment options and direct them towards selecting wise investments.


Your portfolio will benefit from diversification if you invest in real estate because it is a physical asset class that operates differently than conventional stock and bond investments.

Stable Cash Flow

Through regular rent payments, investing in rental properties can produce steady cash flow. As a real estate company, we assist clients in locating rental homes with the potential to bring in consistent income and offer a reliable source of passive income.

Tax Benefits

Tax advantages associated with real estate investments include mortgage interest deductions, property tax deductions, and depreciation deductions. As a real estate firm, we assist clients in using these tax advantages and lessen their overall tax obligation.

Hedge Against Inflation

Since property values typically increase along with inflation, real estate investments have historically served as a hedge against inflation. Real estate investments offer investors a hedge against the destabilising consequences of inflation.

Growing Demand

Due to urbanisation and population increase, there is an increasing demand for real estate, particularly in urban regions. As a real estate company, we provide lucrative investment options for our clients and assisting them in gradually expanding their investment portfolios.
OUR Projects

With our excellent leadership and effective business model, we have met our goals set for this time period and continue to produce value as one of the top real estate firms.