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Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad

Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad

Best shopping malls in Islamabad are a top priority for both domestic and foreign tourists after arriving in the city. According to a global rating, Paris, Washington, Berlin, and Tokyo are the top five most beautiful capital cities, with Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, coming in at number two.

Every year, a greater diversity of tourists travel to Islamabad. Islamabad is a considerably smaller metropolis than the capital cities of the world, but it attracts tourists because of its scenic beauty, historical sites, parks, restaurants, retail centres, markets, and entertainment venues.

Over the past few years, commercial districts have undergone expansion in order to meet the demands of visitors, leading to the establishment of numerous marketplaces and shopping complexes.

These commercial zones, which are a significant driver of economic activity in Islamabad, offer both domestic and foreign investors chances to invest.

The ideal locations for retail activities are typically thought to be shopping malls because they house all of your needs in one location. These shopping malls are popular with most people since they are easily accessible and offer a comfortable environment with controlled temperature.

Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad

 A decade ago, Islamabad did not have many malls. Authorities and investors increased their investments in shopping centres and commercial centres as a result of the increasing number of tourists, nevertheless. The following list includes some of the best shopping malls in Islamabad  for both domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy themselves:

  1. The Centaurus
  2. Safa Gold Mall
  3. Giga Mall
  4. The Dunes Mall

The Centaurus

 The Centaurus Mall is the top retail centre in Islamabad and is situated next to Blue Area on Jinnah Avenue. More than 300 domestic and foreign brands are housed in its 3 skyscrapers. The Centaurus includes both national and international restaurant chains.

The Centaurus’s top 36 storeys are made up of hotels, apartments, and office space, with the first five floors being shopping and dining spaces. A feat of architectural engineering is the Centaurus. Numerous tourists are drawn to the mall because of its lovely appearance.

Open-air dining establishments, kid-friendly areas, and more can be found at The Centaurus. It is a great work of art and a fantastic location for both tourists and Islamabad inhabitants to enjoy themselves.


Safa Gold Mall

 The F-7 neighborhood’s Safa Gold Mall is close to Jinnah Super Market. One of Islamabad’s most opulent retail centres, it offers top-notch dining, entertainment, and shopping options. More than 150 stores call it home. Both locals and visitors to Islamabad can find inexpensive local and worldwide brand outlets.


Safa Gold Mall, which is in the centre of the F-7 district, draws a large number of people every day. Safa Gold Mall has modern amenities such shops, a food court, a pool, a gym, a bowling alley, wheelchair accessibility, prayer rooms for both men and women, and most importantly, a large parking space.

Giga Mall

 Giga Mall, one of the most upscale retail areas, is situated in DHA, Islamabad. Due to its outstanding architectural style, the Giga Mall can accommodate both business spaces and a beautiful 4-star hotel with 267 rooms. It contains more than 200 national and international stores and is a part of the World Trade Center complex.

The best cinema in Islamabad is located inside Giga Mall, where guests can see 2-D and 3-D movies while they are there. It is a significant factor in its appeal to citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Additionally, it showcases the top retail brands from both domestic and foreign markets. Numerous national and international food chains are present in the Giga Mall’s food court.

Islamabad’s Giga Mall ought to not be skipped. It is one of Islamabad’s top shopping destinations.


The Dunes Mall

The Dunes Mall, a project in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, is a wonder of contemporary architecture. Avenue5 International is responsible for The Dunes Mall project. It has a total of 10 stories, six of which are dedicated to a cutting-edge shopping center. With all the main domestic and foreign brands in one location, it provides a wide range of commercial operations.

The Dunes Mall also features a food court with a variety of restaurants. Its structure was created by Avenue5 international subsidiary. The building’s design was influenced by contemporary structures. When developing the Dunes Mall’s structure, the primary considerations were comfort and luxury.

A wonder of advanced architecture. Additionally, it has all the essential facilities found in malls, including stores, food courts, movie theatres, a large parking lot, impenetrable security, and a modern firefighting system.

The Dunes Mall offers tourists, locals in Islamabad, and citizens of adjacent areas a fantastic spot to visit. It improves Islamabad’s aesthetics and promotes wider-scale economic growth. It is among Islamabad’s top shopping destinations.