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CDA Removes NOC Requirement for Family Transfer of Property

CDA Removes NOC Requirement

Islamabad: The building control section of CDA removes NOC Requirement for Family Transfer of Property requiring Non-Objection Certificates (NOCs)

According to the agency’s director, family property transfers no longer require a NOC from CDA’s Building Control Section (BCS). It was decided to take this action to make it simpler for citizens to transfer property among their children since doing so frequently required them to go through the drawn-out process of obtaining a NOC.

Additionally, he asserted that the CDA board had approved changes to the CDA property manual last week, allowing family members to transfer property without a NOC to relieve citizens. Finally, the director announced that after the meeting’s minutes were released in the following few days, the CDA would issue a notification.

It is important to note that the proposed transferee will only have to submit an affidavit by the new family transfer policy. He will be responsible for removing it within three months of any violations.

The BSC grants NOCs following a property inspection. Aside from family transfers, the CDA board also decided that the NOC of BCS is necessary; however, the board extended the NOC’s validity from three months to one year.

The process of obtaining the property transfer through CDA is challenging, according to the CDA representatives, because it necessitates several NOCs, including those from BCS, revenue, and the land directorate. However, according to them, those with connections can transfer their property in weeks, unlike regular people who must travel from pillar to post to complete the same task.


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