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Disney’s New Real Estate Venture

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“Storyliving” Disney’s New Real Estate Venture

Everything started with a mouse, a dream, and a man. The largest and most cherished provider of family entertainment in the world spent nearly a century making significant, ground-breaking advancements in the craft of storytelling. Disney is now concentrating on writing a totally new narrative that centers on you as it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

‘Storyliving by Disney’ is an ambitious real estate project that promises to be “laced with the company’s particular brand of magic,” setting the stage for its audience this time.


The New “Happiest Place on Earth” is Storyliving by Disney

According to Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, “Disney has shared stories for almost 100 years that have touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world.” As we begin to enter the second century, we are creating innovative and fun methods to spread storytelling to storyliving and share Disney enchantment with people everywhere. Residents will be able to live their lives to the fullest in these lovely and distinctive Disney communities, and we can’t wait to welcome them there.

‘Storyliving by Disney’ will include various apartment buildings dispersed throughout the United States as part of its Signature Experiences Program. The project will be led by Arizona-based real estate developer DMB Development in conjunction with Walt Disney Imagineering, the company’s research and development division that is in charge of planning and building all of the world’s Disney theme parks and attractions. With its resort-like, small-town aesthetic, each neighbourhood will be designed with inspiration from well-known theme parks. In order to give locals special opportunities to “learn, interact, and create the next fantastic chapter of their life,” it will also draw inspiration from the region’s culture and legacy.


Cotino, the First Storyliving by Disney Community

Disney revealed the Cotino master-planned residential community’s design concept in June 2022. The vast 618-acre city will be constructed near Rancho Mirage, in the Coachella Valley of California. In homage to classic Hollywood, it would be located at the intersection of Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope drives. However, the choice of the site was mostly made because it served as a getaway for the late founder and his wife of the business, allowing Disney to make a great comeback.

Michael Hundgen, Executive Producer of Walt Disney Imagineering, remarked, “We’re really fortunate that Walt has roots here, to the Coachella Valley. To be inspired, he frequently travelled and took his Imagineers and animators. As we consider our hopes for the locals, we are carrying on the same legacy.

About 2000 residential units will be available, ranging from single-family houses to estates and condominiums. All ages of homeowners will be permitted to purchase a property here. Additionally, there will be a zone designated solely for people over the age of 55.

All the units will be surrounded by a 24-acre magnificent oasis with crystal-clear turquoise waters and Crystal Lagoons® technology. This will make it possible to build crystalline lagoons (of any size) sustainably, using little energy and additives and little water.

A mixed-use area will have a variety of places to eat and shop. An optional club membership will also grant access to a waterfront clubhouse, a private beach, leisurely water activities, and additional entertainment choices like Disney-specific programming and events all year long. Wellness programmes, live performances, cooking courses, lectures, and charitable endeavours are a few examples of these carefully crafted events.

Additionally, Disney Cast Members will be hired as staff for these facilities. Walt Disney created the term “Cast Member” for the actors who work in his theme parks. The neighbourhood will be a representation of both modern living and the heritage of the valley’s culture, from its architecture to lineup of services. Although the project’s overall cost is currently unknown, speculation is that it could bring in millions of dollars in taxes for the nearby town.

The Legacy Goes On

According to the most recent sources, Cotino residences will go on the market in the early 2023, and buyers can anticipate moving in by the early 2024.

To expand its storyliving concept, Disney is looking into more communities around the nation. With this most recent surprise in its repertoire, it has grown to be a titan in several fields and keeps up with its brand promise of “magical” encounters.


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