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How to become real estate appraiser

real estate appraiser

The process of becoming a real estate appraiser in Pakistan may differ from other countries. However, in September 2021, there was no specific and formal regulatory body for real estate appraisers in Pakistan. However, here are the general steps you can follow:


Obtain a Relevant Education in real estate appraiser:

Although there might not be specific educational requirements for real estate appraisers, it is also beneficial to have a solid educational background in fields related to real estate, such as real estate management, finance, or economics.


Gain Practical Experience:

To become a real estate appraiser, you’ll also need practical experience in the real estate industry. You can start by working with experienced real estate professionals or firms to gain exposure to property valuation and market analysis.


Develop Appraisal Skills:

However, Focus on learning about property valuation methodologies, market analysis, and the factors that also influence property prices in different areas.


Join a Professional Organization:

While it might not be a mandatory step, joining a professional real estate association can also provide you with valuable networking opportunities and access to training and resources.

Consider joining organizations such as:

  • Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD)
  • Pakistan Real Estate Investment & Management Company (PRIMACO)
  • Institute of Estate Management Pakistan (IEMP)
  • Institute of Real Estate and Property Management (IREPM)
  • Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management (PIREM)

These organizations may offer seminars, workshops, and conferences where you can learn from industry experts and expand your knowledge of the real estate sector. Networking with other professionals in the field can also lead to potential appraisal opportunities or collaborations.

Stay Informed:

Keep yourself updated about the real estate market trends, regulations, and any developments that might impact property values in Pakistan.

Seek Employment:

Moreover, Look for job opportunities with real estate agencies, property development firms, banks, or government institutions involved in property valuation.


It is essential to understand that real estate practices and regulations can change, so it is crucial to verify the current requirements and guidelines in Pakistan. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider contacting local real estate associations or government authorities responsible for real estate matters. They can provide you with the necessary information and also guidance on becoming a real estate appraiser in Pakistan.


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