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How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

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Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

The need to keep your home cool in the summer has replaced the desire. To maintain a cool home, one must use sustainable and affordable methods. Throughout the year, people look forward to summer. Why wouldn’t they? Almost everyone looks forward to the delightful vacations and entertaining activities that summer brings!
Once again, it’s summertime, and Pakistani summers are unlike any other. The heat is at an all-time high, while humidity is at its maximum level. One wants to spend the entire day in an air-conditioned room, but growing prices and astronomical electricity bills will put everyone out of business.  Avenue5 International will be spotlighting a few of the best techniques to keep your home cool in this seemingly endless heat in order to assist you in maintaining a comfortable temperature there!

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer:

Let’s look at a few methods for keeping your house cool without breaking the bank:

1.Shut The Blinds.

Despite how appealing it may be to let natural light enhance your area, it’s important to remember that light equals heat. It is important to note that when more sunshine enters your home, you will feel warmer and your air conditioner will have to work harder.

Keep your blinds drawn, especially those on the west and north-facing windows, to significantly chill your home and preserve a cosy interior temperature. Even better, use black-out drapes to totally block the sun’s rays and maintain the temperature of your home during the summer.

Keep Your Home Cool in Summer


2.Purchase reflective window films.

It’s interesting how heat is produced by light from house windows. It is important to note that reflective window films can filter 99 percent of harmful UV rays and the majority of solar heat.

UV rays are harmful to both your health and your furniture, even though too much sunlight just serves to warm your house. Therefore, in addition to being a summer need, these window coatings are essential for protecting your skin and household items.

Window films are often an easy DIY project and are not overly complicated. Depending totally on your needs, there are a variety of reflective window film options available.


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3.Turn off the home’s appliances!

The amount of heat that your home’s electronics and appliances generate may astound you. Even though it’s natural to be a little lazy sometimes, turning off appliances when they’re not in use will go a long way toward cutting down on the amount of heat that is generated in your home.

While feasible, try to avoid utilizing them in addition to turning them off when not in use. You don’t have to keep the lights on, and you can hang the items to dry outside rather than using a dryer. Avoiding the usage of household appliances and devices will significantly save your electricity bills in addition to helping to lower the temperature in your home during the summer.


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4.Put awnings over windows and doors

An awning is essentially a type of cover or an additional roof designed to protect windows and doors from the harsh sun. It can make your home’s exterior more appealing while lowering the temperature inside.

Installing awnings over doors and windows is one of the finest ways to keep a house cool in the summer. It is without a doubt among the most effective strategies to keep the heat out! An awning can be placed over your windows to block the sun’s heat from entering your house. You can be sure that your home will absorb less heat by doing this.

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5.Ice Your Fan

Making an ice pack or storing some ice in a mixing bowl and setting the bowl in front of a fan will allow you to create your own DIY air conditioner. When the fan is on, the air will mimic a refreshing breeze of mist. You’ll thank us later for the practical, affordable method of keeping your house cool all summer!

6.Get a Heat Exhaust!

One of the best ways to maintain a cool interior temperature in your home is by installing a heat exhaust. The external shutter that usually accompanies these little fans protects your home’s privacy and deters small insects.
Heat exhausts can be installed anywhere, but they work best without windows. Exhaust fans work by pushing hot, humid air outside of a small area so that fresh air can enter through a window or door. Since kitchen temperatures are frequently the greatest in any home during the summer, installing an exhaust fan in your kitchen is advised.


7.Open windows and doors all day around

Keep your windows and doors open all day to encourage airflow if you want to save your electricity costs and keep your house cool without an air conditioner. Open windows on the opposing sides of your home in the evening to let the cool breeze inside. Leave the doors open to improve the free movement of air inside your home. Last but not least, you can install box fans in your windows to act as exhaust fans.

Keep Your Home Cool in Summer


8.Don’t overuse the stove or oven

Due to the constant cooking and heat generated by them, the kitchen is typically the room in the house that is the warmest. Consequently, cooking-related overheating can significantly raise the temperature in your home. No one also like standing in the hotter part of their home at this temperature.

Even though it could be challenging, you should occasionally think about meals like salads or sandwiches that don’t require preparation. As previously noted, you may always install a heat exhaust to release the heated air that has been trapped inside your home!

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Bottom Line

The summer months are eagerly anticipated all year long. There are many appealing reasons to adore the Summer season, including holidays, vacations, various activities, free time, etc. Despite the intense heat that summers are known for, people organise enjoyable activities for them all year long.


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