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Pakistan’s 75th Anniversary | Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

At this time of year, the country of purity will once more be blanketed in greenery. The 14th of August has arrived, and with it come festivities and independence day celebrations honoring the founding of our cherished country.

We know it’s Independence Day when we see green and white flags flying from every home, buildings are decked out in lights and brilliant hues, cars are flying the green flag, and loud, patriotic music is playing. Indeed, the celebration of Independence Day itself is joyful.

While some may be overjoyed that Independence Day is approaching, a sizable number of people have lost their sense of patriotism, most likely as a result of the continuous political and economic unrest. To rekindle our love for the cherished nation that our leaders sacrificed so much for, it is crucial that we reawaken patriotism within ourselves. This day deserves to be honored with enthusiasm and passion!

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Independence Day Celebrations


The significance of 14th August:

 The establishment of our cherished nation, Pakistan, took place on August 14. This day is still very significant and is a recognized national holiday across all industries.

Pakistan was created as a result of the Pakistan Movement, which aimed to create an autonomous Muslim state through the split in the northern parts of British India. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan, served as the movement’s leader. Jinnah served as the All-India Muslim League’s president from 1913 until the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. Pakistan also observes his birthday, which is on December 25, as a national holiday!

Sir Muhammad Iqbal, sometimes referred to as Allama Iqbal, was a significant participant in the freedom movement. He was a politician and philosopher whose poetry in Urdu is recognized as some of the best of the 20th century. Additionally, he was the first person to propose the idea of a Muslim-only country. On August 14, 1947, the concept of an independent nation became a reality after years of struggle.

When we look at the list of names of the guys who were involved in the creation of this country, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal are the ones who came up with the original concept. However, the Pakistani people—our forebears—played a significant part in this effort. To support the campaign and ensure that the current generation might live in peace in a separate nation, many people made significant sacrifices.

Independence Day Celebrations


This is Independence Day Celebrations

The creation of a separate nation was greatly aided by our predecessors. Pakistan has gone through a lot of ups and downs thus far. No matter what, we must always remain unified and resilient in order to build a better and more promising future. Despite the fact that there are still problems in the country, it is important to participate in efforts to improve things with tenacity and passion.

We implore you to rekindle your love for your nation. You should enjoy your independence day to the utmost and make a commitment to making small daily changes that will improve both yourself and the nation. We owe it to our country—and ourselves—to spend this day talking about it with our loved ones, friends, and peers.

A very Happy Independence Day to you and your loved ones from Avenue5 International. May the coming year be progressive and successful for Pakistanis!


Independence Day Celebrations


How To Celebrate August 14th Responsibly:

 On August 14, 2022, Pakistan will commemorate its 75th Independence Day, with its influence on the world being stronger than ever. The Pakistani people have been free of British colonial authority for 75 years. Pakistanis fervently, emotionally, and joyfully commemorate this day. Let’s examine all the activities you should and should not engage in on August 14.


Blocking roads needlessly

Young people, more frequently than not, assemble throngs on the streets to hold Independence Day celebrations. Roads become obstructed as a result, and traffic bottlenecks develop. People should designate specific sites for festivities with the authorization of authorities rather than obstructing highways needlessly. Let’s make an effort to be more courteous of our country men’s time and avoid causing any traffic snarls.

Performing Over speeds and Stunts

Speeding too fast is risky. Period. You are not entitled to drive or ride at possibly catastrophic speeds on the highways just because it is Independence Day.

Stunts on a public road are not only risky but also potentially fatal. If such thoughts occur to you, make the right decision and decide to celebrate at home with friends and family.

Over Circulation in public areas

Yes, people enjoy going to public places to take in the Aug. 14 festivities with their neighbors. Perhaps all you want to do is window shop or take a leisurely stroll in a nearby park while eating your favorite ice cream. However, given that we are currently dealing with a fatal pandemic, we should be mindful of our movements and ensure that we are not crowding an area. 

Music Playground loud

When people play loud music, national anthems, etc., to celebrate August 14, it becomes louder and more annoying on the streets and in the homes. Be considerate of one another and try to avoid disturbing your neighbors while celebrating.

Tearing Buntings

 What appears to be a piece of paper or fabric is really a miniature flag of your nation. Keep in mind the sacrifices that were made and never lose sight of who you are. Even though it’s on the list towards the end, this is unquestionably the most crucial item.

Let’s observe Independence Day sensibly and express gratitude for our nation.

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