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Shop No. 3 Ground Floor Plaza 48 A.R Arcade Business Avenue, Sector F DHA Phase 1, Islamabad

The Dunes Mall


Bahria Paradise Commercial, 500 meters away from the main G.T Road


3 Kanal


Shopping  Mall


December 2025

Annual Appreciation
20% - 35%


InstallmEnt PLAN

3 Years

A Mall That Has It All

The Dunes Mall stands out above others with a unique, edgy appeal because of its trendy, opulent, and stylish appearance. The Dunes Mall’s unique and modern theme-based building provides an appealing and excellent outlook. For current lifestyle enthusiasts, the modernised design of this legendary project makes it even more engaging and exciting. The Dunes Mall is Pakistan’s first all-in-one lifestyle complex, combining shopping, living, entertainment, and leisure under one roof.

The Dunes Mall serves various business needs, including shopping and entertainment, with national and international companies. It’s also a lucrative investment possibility for investors who want to achieve a high monthly rental return or create maximum income from the stores. The Dunes Mall is a world-class trade centre that prioritises the interests and desires of the people while also supporting a diverse range of stores and brands.

Prime Location

The idea of The Dunes Mall took birth, keeping in mind the dissolute pace globally, to form a Brands Hub. The idea concludes that the market audience has easy access to several brands of their choice with national and international profoundness. The main significance of The Dunes Mall is its Ideal location. It stands in all its glory on the main boulevard, with easy access to Bahria Paradise Commercial, facing The Paradise Mall, 500 meters away from the main G.T Road.


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