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Top Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2022

Luxury Real Estate Trends

The idea of home became more critical. Homebuyers’ lifestyle preferences changed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, which brought about fundamental changes in luxury real estate trends. The demand for real estate has revived while the economy regains momentum. By investing in a tangible, fixed asset like real estate, investors prefer to diversify their portfolio. During COVID-19, the latter showed to be less erratic than money, gold, or stocks. Although it carries a heftier price tag, investing in luxury real estate has become even more profitable.

More than just distinctive architecture, elegant finishing touches, and a seductive view of the city skyline from your balcony are all part of luxury living. When you purchase luxury real estate, you are purchasing a way of life. The amenities that come with the property enhance the experience, regardless of whether it is a large penthouse or a contemporary villa. Instead of focusing on the broad market landscape, everything is broken down into micro details. Some examples include proximity to upscale dining and shopping areas, extreme security, and several private amenities. Even the proximity to other upscale homes is taken into account by some buyers.

The key trends in the luxury real estate market for 2022 have been outlined below by Avenue5 International, Pakistan’s most sophisticated property portal.

How to Invest in Luxury Real Estate

The high-end market offers many profit opportunities. These include purchasing a luxury vacation home or investing abroad (to reap benefits not typically available in the local market) (to rent out to vacationing families). The following is a list of some alternative routes you could go down:
Buy Luxury Real Estate
Purchasing an existing luxury property is an easy solution. However, keep in mind a few things first. For example, is it in a desirable area? A bad investment is purchasing a property that appears modern but is cut off from amenities and transportation options. Second, how many services and amenities does it provide? Modern amenities like round-the-clock security and ancillary advantages like expansive views can easily make or break an investment.

Flip an Upscale Property

A luxury property remodels is an additional strategy. An even higher ROI can be achieved by updating the interior and exterior to include popular features. Since luxury homes are kept up well and don’t need as much upkeep as traditional homes, they wouldn’t even consume a lot of your resources. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that your options may be limited in this situation because it would be challenging to find a building that meets your requirements for architecture and style. On the other hand, there is little competition because few home flippers choose to enter the luxury market.

Build From Scratch

Even though it takes a bit longer to see those returns, the luxury market is typically thought to have the highest profit margin. This is because a well-kept home with contemporary fixtures and decor will command the highest price when you eventually decide to sell. In addition, a tasteful layout that is also practical will appeal to a wide range of homebuyers, increasing your chances of selling your home quickly and for more money.

Luxury Real Estate  Trends

The top trends in luxury real estate for this year are as follows:

Changing Demographics

The new wave of young homebuyers is causing a generational shift in the target market for the luxury sector due to their distinct preferences for their residences. This new buyer demographic’s emergence has resulted in a new set of priorities, from pricey appliances and technology to priceless furnishings and finishes. Their decision-making process may even be significantly influenced by professional home staging. First, millennials typically favor real estate investments that will enable them to live luxurious lifestyles. Second, because they are a tech-savvy generation, social media has increased the perceived accessibility of luxury, encouraging them to make more significant investments. Their online interactions and research heavily influence the majority of luxury home purchases.

Multifunctional Spaces

The coronavirus pandemic altered how people occupied their homes. A single room could be used for a variety of activities, including meetings, exams, physical activity, and setting up a yoga mat. Homebuyers still favor flexible, multifunctional spaces as we begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Many workplaces still have policies allowing employees to work from home, so setting up a separate home office is necessary rather than using a kitchen island as a workstation. Luxury home buyers place a higher value on features that maximize hybrid living spaces in a way that combines form and function. Compact furniture and more spacious, multipurpose areas for work, play, and retreat could be part of this.

Luxury Real Estate Trends


Larger Spaces

More and more people are able to relocate due to increased flexibility in remote or hybrid jobs, which expands their housing options. As a result, purchasing properties in remote locations outside the main city areas to build larger homes has become a significant trend. Large interior spaces (with additional flexible space) and large outdoor spaces are both valued by luxury homebuyers. Purchasing a larger property also allows them to grow; they can take down the wall and add more rooms as needed.

Luxury Real Estate Trends

Green Living

Builders and designers have recently embraced eco-friendly technologies to build green homes to create a sustainable future. Unfortunately, unconventional strategies have emerged to promote both luxury and sustainable living, and luxury homes are no exception. These include LED lighting, using locally sourced building materials, growing vegetable gardens, installing solar rooftop panels, and creating distinctive and structural wall features from natural resources like rocks, sand, wood, or recycled products. All of these can reduce our carbon footprint without taking away from luxury.

Luxury Real Estate Trends

Smart-home systems, which also support sustainable living, are the most sought-after feature among the many real estate technology trends. Every room’s sound, ventilation, heat, and light are under their control. In addition, since they allow you to turn off the power when the property is empty, they are particularly well-suited for homeowners who own multiple homes.

Other Modern Features

People have previously criticized luxury homes for being too extravagant or wasteful. However, the ‘less is more philosophy in line with modern trends, which have changed preferences for most luxury features. Even older structures have opted to redesign their interiors to satisfy these needs. As a result, fewer items are displayed, and textures and tones are instead highlighted. Now, the focus is on a neutral color scheme, angular and sharp designs, and features that let the most natural light possible through. Floating vanities, smooth stucco, marble-clad walls, sliding doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and backsplashes are other famous features in luxury real estate. Construction of two kitchens has also become the norm (one for meal preparation and the other for entertaining friends and family).


Curiously, inverted floor plans have become more prevalent in modern home designs (where spaces on the upper floors are dedicated to living rooms instead of bedrooms).

On the other hand, privacy and security features, such as 360-degree CCTV cameras, passcode entryways, presence detectors, and more, continue to be prioritized.

Future of Luxury Real Estate

The luxury real estate market has retained its luster due to its tangible nature, making it an appealing option for reaping good returns. This is bolstered by the developing of several gated housing societies in Pakistan’s major cities. No matter how low a luxury property is listed, the high surge in demand and competition will eventually push the price to the top of the market. Therefore, even if the market takes a minor dip, there is a good chance you will be able to ride it out and protect your wealth in the long run. In terms of commercial real estate trends, investors are increasingly drawn to luxury real estate, such as offices in affluent neighborhoods.
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